Interersting tidbit of the day: Carrie Underwood once had a third nipple removed

Carrie Underwood

Umm, so yeah. 

This morning my daughter asked me if I knew Ashton Kutcher had webbed toes. 

No, that was not something that I was aware of. That or it was something I learned at one point and then chose to quickly forget about. Either way, my daughter was insistent that I Google it. 

Yep, there's his wacky toes. Apparently it's pretty common and is called syndactyly (just in case you need a bit of party trivia sometime). 

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Anyhoo, looking for Ashton's webbed toes lead me to this article which shed some light on an extra body part Carrie Underwood once had removed. 


During her American Idol audition in 2004, Carrie Underwood confessed that she’d had a third nipple removed, and that it was nothing to be grossed out by. “It just looked like a mole,” she told the judges.

Also known as polythelia, having a supernumerary (extra) nipple is fairly common. Other celebrities who were born with one include singer Lily Allen and actor Mark Wahlberg.

There's no word on where Carrie's third nipple may have been, but I'm 100% sure it wasn't near as weird where this woman grew one (warning! It's disturbing).