Shay from Dan+Shay is lonely. Can anyone help a guy out?


Shay Mooney

It’s usually women you hear griping about being lonely while all their friends are getting hitched and popping out babies. 

Well apparently it’s not only women who have this issue, it’s also up-and-coming country stars. 

Shay Mooney from Dan + Shay is sounding a bit lonely these days and took to his Twitter account yesterday to express his feelings. 

Shay tweets

Well sheesh. If Shay’s really lonely I’m sure I could help out with that. Okay, well not me personally, I am happily married afterall, but I do know many a single lady who’d love to get to know a cute guy from a hot new band. I could totally do a “Get With Shay Day” or something. 

Hey Shay’s people, get in touch, we’ll set something up. 

In the meantime, Shay probably won’t have much time to be lonely in the upcoming days with the duo’s new album “Where It All Began” hitting stores April 1 and a new tour with Hunter Hayes currently underway

Fans can preorder “Where It All Began here”: