Brandy Clark gets some big yet unusual support


Brandy Clark, part of the group of ladies that penned that mega hit 'Mama's Broken Heart' for Miranda Lambert, has been busy working on her own career. Which is promising to be full of success. Brandy brings such a true, genuine sound and when you match that with her undeniable song writing skills, it's surely a recipe for stardom. 

Her bud Kacey Musgraves' career has taken off at rapid speed, but it appears that didn't stop Kacey from remembering she's got friends in not so low places by informing the big mouth that is Perez Hilton about the talents of Brandy and  it's a good thing she did because he LOVED her! Now Perez had acknowledged Brandy earlier in 2013, but it appears this recent nudge to re-check her out was just what he needed to get excited again…he even went as far as saying she's his favorite country artist since Kacey! There was even some cute twitter exchange between the three.

 Chhhheck out what Perez had to say about the rising star HERE

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