Brad Paisley reveals inspiration behind current hit song


Brad Paisley recently revealed the inspiration behind his current hit single, The Mona Lisa

Know what it is? Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa

What? You were expecting something else? 

Brad tells Country Weekly

“I have read a lot about da Vinci,” Brad explains, “and I wanted to see that piece in real life. It’s unlike any other work in the history of painted art.” Brad got to thinking about the frame that holds one of the world's greatest treasures, and kept that idea on file. He and co-writer Chris DuBois turned the idea into a song about the joy of first love. “What I like about the song is that it’s jubilant,” Brad says.

Honestly, I really was expecting something else … not sure what, but it actually surprised me that the song was inspired by a trip to a museum. Funny.