Brad Paisley reaches out to Justin Bieber


It's no joke that Justin Bieber has had some serious crap go down in his life recently and Brad Paisley thinks it's just the kind of stuff that would make a great country song. I suppose strippers, egging houses, drag racing and drunk driving would make a good country song?

In a recent interview with London, Brad explained  that country legends Johnny Cash and George Jones sang about drug abuse and adultery decades ago, so basically the Biebs' latest turmoil wouldn't exactly be anything new to country music format? Umm okay.

Brad tells Metro UK"We were way ahead of the game! Have you watched Justin Bieber lately?  He is living a George Jones song! If he needed a soundtrack for what’s  going on with him, or Miley  let me know!’"

I'm not going to hold my breath for that to happen.

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