A rant about Sara Evans’ cover art


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Sara Evans describes her new album as confident and sexy. I believe that’s what she was going for with the cover. Unfortunately, she’s a bit off the mark. Confident and sexy would be the photos included with her greatest hits package. Those photos are classy, and an unproven cure for erectile dysfunction. The new album cover begs the question: “Where’s the pole?” 

For a 43-year-old mother of 3 she’s certainly got the goods. But does she know her audience? Clearly not. Her music is supposed to target 30-40 year old soccer moms. Most of them feel pretty good, sexy and confident even, in yoga pants and workout to look good in them too. But they don't pull off the oiled-legs in "daisy dukes" look. And they shouldn't.

There are much classier, less awkward ways to show off said goods. I’m not sure what this pose is called, but for the sake of this rant, let’s give it a name. How about ‘the clock strikes dat azz’ pose?

This isn't the look she should be going for to relate to her audience. She does actually have it half right. If she just removed her hand from her head, and looked at the camera with a smile or playful laugh.

While we’re tearing the cover apart, can I say something about the giant old, roman numeral clock? It stinks. We’re not under the rule of Caesar, so please swap it out for an iPhone? Since that’s how we actually get the time.

Sex does sell records, Sara Evans. But ‘the clock strikes dat azz pose’ is not sexy. It’s dirty and reminds me of cheap smelling cologne and an all you can eat buffet at a gentlemen’s club.


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  1. Someheartsx34@aim.com'

    Would it kill you to give a complement every now and again. People are gonna stop reading your blog if you continue to bash other artists. This isn’t even constructive criticism… This is flat out bashing her album cover. Considering you aren’t exactly a marketing professional I think it’s rude. Just a word of advice.

  2. jkish7978@gmail.com'

    Her wearing shorts and a sleeveless top was enough for you to type up this entire post? smh

  3. LindsaySL34

    I think this album cover is actually pretty good. I feel as if most artist are just lazy with their album covers these days, and just opt for a head shot. No, this isn’t overly creative, but the clock does add a nice touch. I personally love the clock to go along with the album name. And c’mon. Sara has always dressed like this. It’s really nothing different for her. If she’s not in short shorts she’s usually in tight leather pants.

  4. Gpm1255@yahoo.com'
    Gena Miller

    Yes Sara is older than Carrie but not as old as Faith, point being, these ladies are beautiful and they pour their heart and soul into these albums! They should be able to pose however they want, she is not trashy. Go look up Miley, then you will understand.

  5. Shannon

    To La – while I didn’t write this particular piece, I do own this blog. Trust me when I say that people aren’t going to stop reading NashvilleGab because of some criticism, if everyone stopped reading because someone voiced a personal opinion, I would have been out of business six years ago.
    On the contrary, these sorts of opinion pieces actually get people talking, debating, and bitching, all things that are perfectly fine. I’m proud to say that I am comfortable enough with my place in the world to give my writers a platform to rant occasionally. I respect their opinions even if I don’t always agree with them. I’d rather my writers anger a few people because they were honest rather than being robots who just regurgitate what they think people want to hear.
    Trust me that my writer is not the only person who felt this way about this album cover, he was just the first one to put it into words.

  6. rdnkwmn1964@yahoo.com'
    Jeannie carruth

    I see nothing wrong with cd cover. Least she has clothes on.

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