A new weekly music chart you might actually care about


There are a lot of music charts out there, and honestly who cares about most of them unless you're the person who is on it? Oh sure, it's cool when your favorite artist tops the charts, but do any of us really know the criteria that got them there? 

I talk about music all day long and have absolutely no clue how the artists land on this chart or that. Radio plays? Album sales? Popularity? I don't really know. 

But a music chart that puts the music in order of which songs people are talking about the most on Twitter? Now that's one I understand. 

Jessica over at CMchatLive.com has started a new music chart that does just that. 

This Country Music Chart is based and sourced entirely from Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement that detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists.  It can change even while I am putting this post up because it’s based on artist’s most tweeted about new song.  I keep my eye on the data all week long to see if there are any changes day to day.

It's a pretty great idea and interesting how different this chart is compared to the ones that are based on the normal criteria. 

At #9 on the list is Jo Dee Messina and her new song A Woman's Rant, #8 is Jerrod Niemann's Donkey, #7 is He Ain't Gonna Change featuing Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere from "Nashville" the T.V. show, and so on. To find out the top six on the Twitter chart just visit CMchatLive.com


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