Jason Aldean and LeAnn Rimes … a tale of a two cheaters and one big ol’ double standard

Jason Aldean LeAnn Rimes

Let's talk about cheating, shall we? 

Cheating is the ugly side of love. Whether you're the cheater or the cheated, infidelity is a painful and ugly thing to deal with. 

It's also pretty dang common. Probably far more common than most of us care to think about, especially if you're like me and currently in a committed relationship. 

But what about if you're famous? Is cheating thought about differently when it's the famous dealing with it? Is it more accepted or even more expected? And more importantly, is there a double standard for cheaters based on whether they're a man or a woman? 

I ask this because there seems to be a huge double standard going on in country music as we speak and it fascinates me to no end. 


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Miranda Lambert praises radio for embracing her “cross dressing” song


It's no secret country music tends to stay on the conservative side of things. So when Miranda Lambert's latest chart topping single,  "All Kinds of Kinds," brought the story of Thomasina, the  cross-dressing congressman, to country airwaves it came as almost a surprise of sorts that it no one made a ruckus about it's non-traditional story line and no one was more surprised than Miranda herself. 


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