Ross Cooper sings the blues on ‘Give It Time’: Talks change, his rodeo past & more–EXCLUSIVE

Ross Cooper

For Ross Cooper, it is his Texas roots that give him the grit and soul to tell compelling stories from the heart that appeal to a diverse audience. As he prepares for the March 18th release of his highly anticipated albumGive It Time, he ponders on exactly how much change has motivated him and made him the man (and artist) he is now.

The album's title track, in particular, speaks to the human condition and how we fare in troubled times. "Painted red, but singing blues," he sings on the first verse. It's most certainly a heart-ripping, emotional song, but there is far more to explore on the entire 11-track record than this one composition indicates. Recorded at Mount Vernon Studios in Lubbock, Texas, and produced along with Jon Taylor, Cooper's sound in unapologetically Americana, precisely dusted with tradition and an ounce of folk.


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Meet this week’s #FeaturedFriday artist: David Britt

David britt music

Welcome to this week's #FeaturedFriday.

Meet David Britt. He and I have been chatting on Twitter for a while now and I'm happy to welcome him as this week's #FeaturedFriday artist. 

David is one of those people who you meet who is so talented, both as a songwriter and as a singer, and it makes you wonder why you haven't heard him on the radio. 

I often hear country fans gripe about the state of country music radio and I just shake my head because there are so many people out there who are actually putting out music you want to listen to, you just have to spend a little extra time finding them. David's one of those people: a musician who you could skip the radio waves and buy his music instead.

I don't think you can categorize David's music as one specific type of country music. If you want sort of silly bro-country songs about sexy women and trucks with a little country rap thrown in, listen to Country Flow. You want music that gives thanks to God? Listen to God Was Looking Out For Me. You want a song that walks the line between pop and country? Listen to Sweet Becca Jayde. You want a song to help you get over a break up? Then listen to To Hell With Your Love in the video below. It sounds like a Brantley-Gilbert-penned tune and it's pretty damn good. 

Seriously, folks, if you're done with the radio and all of it's frustrating musical politics, just find some great artists online and support them by purchasing their music. David Britt's music is a great place to start.  

Check out some questions he answered for me after the jump … 




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