Kip Moore’s sophomore album gets a name and a release date


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Update: Kip's people emailed me and said the info Amazon has listed may change in the future and may not be completely accurate so you can take the below info or leave it, it's up to you. Just an FYI.

Kip Moore recently told Billboard that he hoped for a spring release for the follow up to his 2012 album 'Up All Night', and it looks like he's gotten his wish. 


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A rant about Sara Evans’ cover art


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Sara Evans describes her new album as confident and sexy. I believe that’s what she was going for with the cover. Unfortunately, she’s a bit off the mark. Confident and sexy would be the photos included with her greatest hits package. Those photos are classy, and an unproven cure for erectile dysfunction. The new album cover begs the question: “Where’s the pole?” 


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Denny Strickland opens up on surviving a tornado, his new single ‘Honky Tonk Highway’ and more–EXCLUSIVE

DS 2

With a background steeped in horses and competitions, Arkansas-native Denny Strickland makes a bold career move with his debut single "Honky Tonk Highway," lifted from an EP of the same name. With a jam-packed touring schedule, the singer has high hopes for 2014, with his sights set on a possible full-length album. The diverse six-song EP contains signifcant rock and traditional influences, stemming from his early onstage collaborations with Kris Kristofferson and John Carter Cash.

"This project is evolving," he tells NashvilleGab, exclusively, of the EP. "We feel like there’s more songs to add, of course, to make the full album. We’re looking forward to positive direction."


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