You could attend the CCMA Awards with Terri Clark if you help fund her next album


Following the successful fan funding of Jo Dee Messina and Tracy Lawrence's new albums, is it any surprise that more stars have decided to go the same route? 

Terri Clark is the newest artist to announce that she is launching a pre-order campaign with the direct-to-fan platform PledgeMusic for her next studio album set for release in Fall 2014. 

And some of the things she's offering in exchange for a little of your hard-earned money are pretty awesome. 

Private guitar lessons anyone? How about the chance to attend the 2014 CCMA Awards as Terri's date?


The PledgeMusic campaign will give Clark’s fans the option to pre-order the new record and receive updates throughout the songwriting, recording and promotional process. All “Pledgers” will be invited to listen to the album before it is released to the public during an online listening party hosted by Clark. “Pledgers” can recieve merchandise such as t-shirts, autographed CDs or more personal items like a phone call with Terri. Higher tiered experiential items are also offered including a chance to be Clark’s guest in the studio, at a photo shoot or even backstage at The Grand Ole Opry. To pledge support for Terri Clark’s new record go to:

“Releasing a record this way allows me to have a closer connection with my fans throughout the entire process of making the album,” says Clark. “It allows me to offer all kinds of unique and personal experiences that they can be a part of. The music industry has changed so much, but the fans are always there with me. What better way to say ‘thank you’ than to bring them on this journey.”

Some of the things Terri's offering are, as mentioned above, private guitar lessons for $3000, the chance to be the private guest of Terri's at the Grand Ole Opry for $1000, and the ultimate prize is the chance to attend the 2014 CCMA Awards on the arm of the singer for $50,000. 

Anyone got some cash I can borrow? 

There are also smaller pledges that will get you T-shirts, autographed CDs, a phone call from Terri, and much, much more. Check them all out here. 


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