Wynonna Judd turned down SeaWorld’s offer to perform, now kindly leave her alone

Wynonna SeaWorld

Wynonna Judd tweeted last month that she had turned down a lucrative offer to perform for SeaWorld's annual Bands, Brew & BBQ, just one of many celebs who had turned down or walked away from the event. 

Well after it was revealed that Alan Jackson and Kid Rock were set to perform this weekend, people apparently thought Wynonna would be able to help stop them and had went a little crazy trying to get her help. 

Now she's had enough and has asked people to stop. On Saturday (the same day Jackson was set to appear at SeaWorld), Wynonna pleaded with the internet, tweeting:  

 I need people to stop telling me to ask Kid Rock & Alan Jackson to not play at Sea World. What they do or not do is none of my business. I have chosen to lead by example.

You all are blowing up my site & I need you to please stop. I have many other people to Tweet. Feel free to send a msg to Alan & Kid Rock.

I guess having your social media life overtaken by pleading, tweeting orca lovers is proof that no good deed goes unpunished. 

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SeaWorld has been tight lipped about who else is set to perform at their annual Bands, Brew & BBQ event and only released that Kid Rock and Alan Jackson were set to perform a day or two before they were set to take the stage. The last I heard, Scotty McCreery and Justin Moore were both still scheduled to perform, but since SeaWorld isn't releasing a complete schedule (understandably) it's hard to tell if they've bowed out or are still signed up. 



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  1. dorrycdesign@msn.com'
    Dorry Christy

    thank you for refusing to perform at Seaworld. You are taking a stand for cruelty against animals and I know you will not lose anything by doing so…..you will gain much respect from the world…..we are watching and we know what is going on at Seaworld and all marine aquariums around the world. I am so proud of you for taking a stand…it’s not easy in this crazy world of ours!
    THANK YOU! I am proud to stand with you for this cause. <3

  2. charley050@yahoo.com'

    Thank you for being the beautiful lady that you are and not supporting the sadness that these beautiful dolphins, whales, etc. endure while in captivity. It just says so much about you!!!

  3. Tarakatze3@aol.com'
    Uschi Ott

    Thank you so much from the botton of my heart

  4. drgow1@gmail.com'
    Danny Gowen

    Thank U Wynonna Judd for helping stop the dolphin slaughters and captivity by canceling Sea world concert.

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