Tyler Farr responds to Aaron Lewis’ “Redneck Crazy” diss

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A few days after I first brought you the video of Aaron Lewis trashing Tyler Farr's Redneck Crazy, Tyler has responded. 

Surprisingly, Tyler didn't seem to care too much that Aaron had raked his song over the coals. In fact, he had a pretty good laugh about it. 

Tyler chatted with Broadway recently and when Aaron's rewrite and song rant came up, Tyler just chuckled about it. 

"Yeah. I showed it to Aldean, I was showing everyone," he said. 

"I think it's hilarious. If you got enough time to rewrite my song then go ahead. I just hope he don't expect me to rewrite lyrics to his songs."

When a comment was made about Aaron maybe being arrogant, Tyler took the high road, "I'm going to plead the fifth. I don't have any problem with him. I never peed in his Cheerios so I don't know what problem he's got with me."

He ended the conversation with, "God Bless him."

Well maybe they can hug it out at some upcoming awards show or something. 

Check it out below: