Traffic got in the way of Darius Rucker’s Grammy acceptance speech


Traffic sucks, amirite? 

Just ask Darius Rucker whose Grammy acceptance speech didn't happen because he was stuck in the notorious Los Angeles traffic. 

Darius' publicist, Ebie McFarland, spoke to the The State (via ToC), and said the singer, who won the Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance for Wagon Wheel, missed being able to give an acceptance speech during the show's pre-telecast because he was stuck somewhere in a traffic jam. In fact, he almost didn't make it to the awards at all. 

“We barely made it time for him to get to his seat,” McFarland said. “He even had to stand in the hallway until the first commercial break before they would escort him to his seat because we were that late getting there.”

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The most awkward part of it all might have been that Cyndi Lauper, the presenter who announced Darius had won, wasn't aware the singer wasn't there. She ended up having to accept for him. “Apparently, they’re ditching us to run next door,” she said. “I accept this for, um … Darius. I’m sure he thanks the Academy, and all his friends and family and his mom.”

Well at least it wasn't the first time he had won a Grammy. He also won two Grammy Awards back in the '90s with Hootie & The Blowfish.