This band has probably helped make more babies than any other band. period.


One word:  'Amazed'.  I mean kids had their first dance to that song, people were dedicated to their significant others left and right, husbands and wives had their first dance, couples their first kiss and….lots more if you catch my drift. That song is just ONE sampling of the mega success that this band had. And with that one word I mentioned….you know I'm talking about Lonestar, right? The band that also put out the uber emotional "I'm Already There", and "Mr.Mom", "Walking In Memphis", "No News", "What About Now", "Lets Be Us Again" (Seriously, if I keep typing ALL their hits…my fingers would fall off.) And besides…if you've ever listened to country music the last 20 years, you know all about them. 

But did you know they've got a NEW CD out? AND Richie is back! The band's new album., "Life As We Know It" is an amazing transition into a modern country sound that is still deeply rooted in the sound we first fell in love with them. It's a mix of upbeat country hits you can get down to and the ballads you need to break out the tissues with. Here are the guys explaining one of my favorites from the album(AND you'll also find their tie to Big N' Rich…chhheck it out below:


For more information on what Lonestar is currently up to click HERE

What's YOUR favorite Lonestar song?!


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