The Band Perry steps up to help during a tradegy


The Band Perry has offered to pay for the funerals of 9 members of a Kentucky family who perished in a fire Thursday morning. The father and an 11 year old girl are the only survivors and are in critical, but stable condition. We can't imagine the loss they are feeling right now, but it is so gracious of Kimberly, Reid and Neil to offer to take care of this expense so it's one less thing they have to worry about during such a horrific time.

Sad, Sad, Sad. To read more about the fire, click HERE


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    Matt Divine

    It’s truly a blessing what you 3 are doing for the Watson family

    Jason Martin

    This just shows that there are those who can still express compassion to those in need. You have gained every ounce of respect from me. May God always bless you for being a blessing to others.

    Shirley Lindsey

    What compassion! Band Perry you are a true Blessing for the Watson Family. Thank you for your generosity. From all of us who have learned of this, Band Perry, you have our lasting respect! May God always Bless you and yours for your kindness.

    Linda Mcgregor

    I live about 20-25 minutes where this tragedy took place.I’m so so grateful to group The Band Perry.Muhlenberg is a small community,mostly farmers and coal miners.But their community has a very big heart and a sense of closeness.Thank you to The Band Perry,your compassion and kindness has come at a time when it is needed the most!! God Bless You!!!


    Being from Muhlenberg, we are a small, close knit community that comes together in times of need. We are a rural, coal mining community that’s best asset is it’s people. The Watson family was taken from us in this tragic accident and they have left a huge hole in our community. They are now and will forever be missed. Even if you didn’t know this family personally we all know someone who is kin to them or that their lives touched in some way. The band Perry doesn’t know this family, they have probably never heard of this town until now but they found it in their hearts to take some of the financial burden off this family that is already beyond burdened. I am a country fan, and I love The Band Perry for their music. But this simple act of kindness blows me away. I know it wasn’t your intention but you have earned a county full of lifetime fans. We take care of our own and the three of you are now our own. You held out a helping hand to people that needed it badly. The best part of this is your weren’t expected to. If you never make another hit record you are and will forever be heros here. So from Muhlenberg County I want to thank you. God works in mysterious ways and today he is working through you.

    T Nantz

    I would like to commend the parents of the Perry band members. They are first to instill such compassion and love into these talented young adults. These are the moments that separate celebrity from hero admiration. I will, at every opportunity; support, attend concerts, and donate to any cause I find them affiliated with because I now know where their heart is. May The Band Perry be blessed beyond measure by God’s grace for such an act and their parents’ hearts filled with deserving pride.

    shanda shepherd

    So very wonderful of them to do this god bless you all

    Kimberly Hayward

    The Band Perry just went to incredible awesomeness in my book…. What a blessing to the survivors in this family. The 3 of you have amazing compassion and have done a truly wonderful thing…

    Rebecca Dockrey

    What a blessing and an example you are to others…God’s love is shining thru you for this act of compassion and generosity ! May God continue to bless you for helping this family. I didn’t know them but I thank you for what you have done !

    Karen Whitaker

    May our loving God continue to bless The Band Perry as they unselfishly offered to pay for the Watson family funerals. God bless the remaining 2 Watson survivors during this horrible tragedy!!


    I am impressed that a popular music band can show such compassion towards strangers! I am happy to see you haven’t been blinded by fame and still respect and appreciate your fellow Americans. May your group be blessed for such a generous act of kindness! God Bless you all!

    Janet Wright

    God Bless this Band for helping in this tragedy. To reach out to others gives me hope for the world.

    linda kirby

    the band perry will be blessed for helping the watson family members durring this time of need they are special for doing this for the family god love them. and heaven gained 9 precious angels.

    Susan Lawrence

    I am from Owensboro Kentucky about 25 minutes of the the fire. Would love to say thank you and God Bless you. That is a close community and what you did for them is like having 3 angels watch over them. Thank you again.



    Lisa Epley

    This is my hometown that I grew up in and where my family still are. At times for this to be such a small town, it has had more than it’s share of tragedy. This by far is the worst. As we sat in church this morning, 4 young girls were baptized, probably the same ages as some of these children, my eyes filled with tears. But I had to remember what a wonderful place they are now in to spend eternity. God has special plans for this young girl and her daddy. God is always good even in these valleys. Thank you to the Band Perry for opening their hearts and their wallets to help this beautiful family. God bless you. Thank you to this community that I am and always will be proud to call home. Bind together, do all the good you can to all the people you can.

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