So, are Bobby Bones and Gloriana’s Rachel officially a pair???



Fans on both sides want to know! Rachel from the band Gloriana, posted the above photo to her instagram sparking the idea that the two are officially dating.

Back in May, Bobby boy declared Rachel his # 1 Bones Babe and after her visit to the show, Bobby ran to his facebook to ask his loyal listeners when it was okay to start dating again after getting out of a relationship. Yeah that's not obvious or anything. So it's no secret Bobby(I am going to refrain from any puns involving his last name…I really want to, but I'll keep it PG) had his sights set on the pretty country singer. And now we flash forward to Super Bowl Sunday where the twosome was gettin' rather cozy.

So, Bobby…tell us…."did you kiss her goodnight?" LOL


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    They spent New Year’s Eve together too.
    They’ve been dating off and on the last 9 months.

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