Scotty McCreery Responds to Criticism Over SeaWorld Concert

Scotty McCreery SeaWorldSeaWorld 

Scotty McCreery is set to perform at SeaWorld this weekend for their Bands, Brew, and BBQ event. 

Despite many other acts such as Trace Adkins and Willie Nelson pulling out due to the Blackfish controversy, Scotty says he's done his research and can't wait to see fans when he performs on Saturday. 

Check out his response about performing below (or here if that doesn't work).

On a side note, Justin Moore performed last weekend and seems to have flew under the radar. What do you guys think? Is it old news now or should people still be unhappy with the stars performing at the park?


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    Judy Hicks

    I am so proud of Scotty for making the decision to perform SW. Scotty is a one of a kind great guy, and I love him like I was his grandmother.

    Karl B.

    I don’t think there is nothing in the world that can justify keeping whales in tanks and making them do dumb tricks. Maybe 50 years ago this was cool but with what we know now about how intelligent and social these animals are this is just wrong. By performing at SeaWorld he just proves how close minded he is really is. I am no fan of his.


    So is the very intelligent young man who did his research on SW website have any knowledge of how the animals are obtained? How they’re trained? Can he enlighten us as to what his “research” has taught him?

  4. Sinycalone

    @nashvillegab I fully support @ScottyMcCreery’s decision to keep his commitment, and perform at SeaWorld.

    Carol C.

    @nashvillegab I too fully support Scotty McCreery’s decision to uphold his commitment to perform at SeaWorld.


    This is very silly to focus on a performer that will be there for a few short hours. I think all of the protesters should boycott beverage, food, toilet, napkin, plate, stuffed toy, t-shirt, souvineer, web designing, marketing, advertising, sanitation, plumbing, electrical, and so on…. companies that make a tremendous amount of money at these venues every day!
    This is absolutely ridiculous to bother any of the performers who were/are scheduled there to perform a few hours for their fans. If you take any company, you will be able to find many things wrong with them. Look at the food in your own fridge, clothing, linens, hair, makeup, cars, etc… and you will find products made from child labor or day laborers subjected to all kinds of deplorable working environments or that are tested on animals. Ennvironmentally hazardous chemicals that are being flushed into our rivers and oceans. Again, this whole thing is very silly. I guess an artist can’t perform in China, Africa, Russia, Mexico, USA, Canada, England, etc.. because all of these countries are guilty of all kinds of things in the past and present.

    Amanda Lambert

    I am glad that Scotty took his time and made his own decision. Others may be upset because he didn’t make what they consider the “right” decision, but it is HIS decision and his only.


    I am grateful that Scotty took the time to make his own decision, whichever way that was going to be made. Everyone gets the opportunity to make their own decision and whether it agrees with yours, it matters not!


    @nashvillegab I fully support Scotty and any other artist that play at Sea World for their fans.


    Very proud of Scotty for his mature and thoughtful decision to perform for his fans.


    Wow, I guess the protesters can go ahead and bother any artist performing at a rodeo, dog show, horse race like the Kentucky Derby, or zoo to name a few. Also, a very famous designer recently had a photo shoot at The Central Park Zoo using models, so I guess they all need to be trashed, bullied and slandered on twitter and different sites, too. If you like, I can keep going…
    The point is, if you have a problem with SeaWorld or any company, talk to them and don’t try to bully a performer or someone doing business with them. It is ridiculous and if any of you who object work for any of the companies that sell/make products like cheese, fish, meat, bread, beverages, food, cups, forks, plates, souvenirs, buckets, pipes, filters, raw products or provide services like newspapers, radio, advertising, marketing, electrical providers, office suppliers, plumbers, internet, computers, TV, etc that SeaWorld uses then I need you to send a really nasty and out-of-line public message to yourself.
    By the way, I don’t have any affiliation with SeaWorld in my private or professional life and don’t live near any of their facilities, but I have been there twice when visiting Fl and I’ve visited many aquariums and zoos where I have learned about the animals and have gained incredible respect for them, their habitats, and the environment.


    I am so proud of Scotty for sticking to what he feels is right for him. There will always be people who don’t approve of what he is doing or what he believes in. They were never fans to start with and will go away as quickly as they came.


    I am proud of Scotty to, when he makes a promise he will be there, then he will be there. He is committed to his fans, not SW. But, those who are complaining, do you have dogs, cats, birds, or any other domesticated animal? Do you keep them in kennels, cages, fences, or teach them cute little tricks, or try to teach your bird to say certain things, while feeding them though the cage wires? Just saying.

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