Sarah Darling reveals her Big & Rich past

Sarah Darling

It’s always funny to hear what people did before hitting it big. 

My friends over at CMChat recently had an article detailing some of the surprising things they’ve learned over the years of interviewing various famous folks. 

The one I enjoyed the most was Sarah Darling who revealed her surprising brush with fame before she actually became famous. 

A mannequin? Really? Curiosity go the better of me so I had to go find the proof myself and yep, there she was in all her fake glory. 

Sarah Darling mannequinYouTube 

You can catch Sarah playing a mannequin in the Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy video here. Just fast forward to about the 2:12 mark. 

You can also find out more about Sarah on her website and then head over to CMChat to find out what other interesting tidbits they’ve found out over the years.