Ross Cooper, ‘Give It Time’ — Single Review

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Lifted from the Texas dirt, Ross Cooper jangles to the sound of his own tambourine, with well-crafted lyricism and heartfelt melodies. Ahead of the March 18th release of his new album Give It Time (produced by Jon Taylor and himself), the musician scratches the surface of gritty truth with the album's title track and lead single.

"Been walked upon like wooden shoes," he sings. "Been painted red but singing blues."

It is the vivid imagery that really connects, painting a charcoal grey world dipped in stale brown with a tired, frayed brush. He's created a remarkable landscape with "Give It Time," completely and brutally honest in its presentation. “What doesn’t kill us first, my friends, just give it time, give it time, give it time," he sings, drapped around a wholly organic arrangement. The instruments lay on thick, but elevate the song head and shoulders above anything currently heard on radio.

The message of the song is unyeilding, and the agony in his voice is clear and penetrating. The words speak for themselves: he's been through the ringer a time or two. Fortunately, he lived through it to be able to sing about it. That's exactly what country music is all about: telling a believable story, even if it is fabricated.

Overall Grade: A+

Find out more about Cooper on his official website.

Photo courtesy of Ross Cooper

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