Rapper Riff Raff is going country … God (or Garth Brooks) help us all

Riff raffTwitter

Riff Raff is a rapper. I don't know if he's a good one or a bad one, I just know he is one.

He's also the dude that James Franco styled himself after for the movie Spring Breakers.

Anyhoo, Riff Raff has apparently decided to go country (he's from Texas afterall) and has recorded a song called Take U Away under the name Jody Highroller

And he insists to TMZ that he's serious

"I love country music … I'm good at it and it's a good fit."

Yeah. If you're serious about country music then at least get away from the silly rapper/pimp name and try spelling out "you" in your song title. 


If u's thinks u's man enough to handle it, check out Highroller's sick beatz country offering below. 

I don't know, with the state of country radio these days, this song might just fit right in.