My ‘Private Lives of Nashville Wives’ way-too-long recap


So did you happen to catch the premiere of the new reality series "Private Lives of Nashville Wives" Monday night on TNT? 

If you didn't then you missed the introduction to the ladies who will be taking fans behind the scenes of Nashville's glamorous wife brigade. 

Monday's premiere started out promising enough with an intro containing a few tears, some soundbites about the Nashville music scene being ruthless and one of the wives making a comment about how she'd make out with any of the other wives' husbands. There also appeared to be some fighting and cattiness and maybe more than a little bitchiness … just what I like in my reality programming. Unfortunately, the show – at least this first episode – turned out to be really, really tame. I was expecting some sort of drama to creep into the fancy surroundings, but I guess they're saving the good stuff for later.   

The show officially launched with Sarah Davidson, a singer who is married to very well-known songwriter Dallas Davidson. Sarah is currently trying to establish her own place in the music scene and I have a feeling her storyline will be a focal point of the show from here on out. The premiere episode followed Sarah while she prepared for a performance at the Hard Rock during CMA Fest. 

Next up we were introduced to Erika White, a former soap opera star from 'One Life to Live' and 'Days of Our Lives' who traded fame for the life of a stay-at-home mom and wife to singer (and occasional Robert Downey Jr. doppleganger) Bryan White. Now that her kids are growing up a bit, Erika is ready to get back in the game. Unfortunately, she doesn't quite seem to know what game it is that she wants to get back into, so I imagine her storyline will contain a lot of soul searching and maybe a little resume updating.

Hey, we've all been there.

From her opening scene, however, I think Erika can probably mark chef off her list of things she might try her hand at while she's trying to find her way back into the workforce after she had a slight sausage mishap. Erika can also probably mark handgun model off her list of possible jobs considering how uncomfortable she was when her husband joined Gary Chapman in murdering a poor, defenseless watermelon.

My prediction is Erika will be the tearful one of the group since there always seems to be at least one of those on reality shows. 

Heads up, if I'm ever on a reality show of my own, I'll be the bawler. 

Next came Cassie and her Christian musician hubby, Gary Chapman. Chapman was previously married to Amy Grant and if I remember right Amy hooked up with Vince Gill while she was still married to Gary. They did mention the marriage briefly, but I'm pretty sure the Vince Gill tidbit will be left out of future episodes. Right now Gary seems like a jolly fella and is kind of more interesting than his wife, Cassie. She did use her first introduction on the show to bring up the fact that she was a former Hooters girl who hit it big when she met Gary on a remote island in the Bahamas, so I still have high hopes that she's going to get more interesting as things go on. 

Next came the feisty Cuban-American Betty and her Vespa-riding husband, Raul Malo. He's a founding member of The Mavericks who definitely gives off a strong Ricky Ricardo vibe. It was really hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that he's part of a country band. I'm still up in the air as to whether or not I'll like him or not. Pretty sure I'll like his wife though. 

Betty also happens to be an identical twin and I can already tell you that I'm going to be getting her and her sister Ana mixed up on a regular basis. Trust me when I say there's no sense in correcting me when I get their names wrong in the future since I'm pretty sure I will get them wrong far more than I will get them right.

The twins and a dead pig were the highlight of the show for me. 

I'm kinda weird that way. 

Last came Jenny Terrell, a bigwig for LivingSocial. Honestly, Jenny kind of scares me. She seems like one tough cookie and not someone I'd want to tangle with in a dark alley or in a well-lit honky tonk. Some people just give off that vibe, you know? It's her tough cookie, take no prisoners attitude, however, that will probably force me to love her. I admire people like that.  

Jenny's husband J.T., however, was the real star of the show.

The terrells

Or at least his hair was. Seriously, just look at it. And they say Southern women have a lock on the high hair.

There does seem to be one other wife, Tina, that we weren't formally introduced to on the premiere episode, although she did appear in the show's opening. On TNT's website, they call her the 7th wife, so I'm pretty sure she's not going to be a show regular, but rather the quirky extra wife. If you have a few minutes you should watch her video extra here. It's a hoot. 

So what's the verdict? It's hard to tell with only one episode, but all in all I think I'm going to like the show, as long as it picks up the pace now that we've been introduced to all the wives. It didn't seem as scripted as most reality shows so it's definitely got promise. 

For the next eight weeks, I will be tweeting during the show when it airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on TNT. You can join in the fun by following me on Twitter (@NashvilleGab). 

You can also follow the wives on their Twitter accounts below (their husband's Twitter accounts are after the wives'). 

And if you happened to have missed last night's premiere, you can watch it over on

So what were your thoughts on the show if you watched? Yay, any, or wait and see?  


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    Is Cassie Chapman related to Miranda from Pretty Wicked Moms?


    I was wondering the same thin bc the look so much alike!

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