NashvilleGab inaugural #FeaturedFriday artist is: Tyler Hatley and the Little Mountain Band

Tyler and the Little Mountain Band 2

Last week I announced that NashvilleGab would be featuring a new and/or little known country artist in our new weekly #FeaturedFriday series. 

I had quite a few entries for consideration so it was a tough call on who to feature first, but I finally narrowed it down to one person, or at least one band. 

So without further ado, meet Tyler and the Little Mountain Band.

Or re-meet I should say. 

Tyler and the Little Mountain Band

I actually had a story about North Carolina's Tyler and his cohorts back last August when they did a little ingenius marketing by putting their business card and a CD in Jake Owen's gas tank. 

Ok, not really in his gas tank, more like under the flap where you put your gas in. It was funny and Jake mentioned it on his Twitter. 

I ended up writing the story and have been following them ever since. They are super talented fellas and I see big things in their future.

When I recently spoke with Tyler on Twitter, he let me know that they had a new EP, The Mixtape E.P., on out today, or roughly today since iTunes seems to take its time getting things up and runningTunes The Mixtape E.P. – EP – Tyler Hatley & the Little Mountain Band

What can I say? It was fate and the perfect way to start out #FeaturedFriday. 

Here are some questions I asked Tyler that he was kind enough to email me on short notice. 

Introduce yourself and who you would say got you into music?

I am Tyler Hatley, born and raised in Denver NC. I grew up singing in the back seat of my parents rides, old Garth Brooks, and Brooks and Dunn, before I was old enough. So I guess I would have to say Garth, Garth got me started.

Who was your biggest influence?

I would have to say my biggest musical influence as far as a song writer would be Eric Church, I've been a Church fan since I first started hearing his music. He is a Carolina boy too.

Weirdest song on your iPod currently?

Hot Action Cop “Fever for the Flavor”

Describe your music in 3 words:

My own Story

Future Goals:

As an artist I want to continue to learn through experience, it’s a huge business where there are very little open doors so my plan is to come through the window. I set a goal to record some music to share with people along the way and we finally have a little bit done so I guess the real answer now is playing. Getting back on the road and playing music, meeting people, and getting our music out there.

Dream tour:

If I could tour with anyone right now I would have to say Thomas Rhett and Jake Owen. Good people, good music.

If you weren't singing, what would you be doing?

I'd be truckin’ I think I really just want to see everything our country has to offer.

Hidden Talents:

I’m into board sports. I don’t think that counts because I really do not have much talent there, but I usually do it hidden.

Do you write music or just sing?

I love to write, I think that my writing surpasses my singing by a long shot. I like telling stories through songs. Our new Ep was focused on our band getting to show versatility but the next thing I put out will be to showcase lyrics.

Dream duet?

As a country guy I want to say Miranda Lambert, but Keith beat me to it so I must go with Adele, she is amazing.

Are you signed to a label and where can fans find your music? 

I am not currently with a label, so far we have been taking the grind route. Its obviously not as easy nor profitable but Rome wasn’t built in a day right? And yes itunes is supposed to post sometime today so our EP will be available on there. And we have hard copies for anyone who can catch a show.

Tyler and the band currently have a publishing deal and I imagine we'll be hearing much, much more from them in the future. As Tyler said, they don't have a record deal and are paying their dues and getting their name out there. For now, fans can purchase their new EP The Mixtape E.P. on iTunes

You can find them on Facebook under Tyler and the Little Mountain Band, Twitter under @TylerHatley, @AcRock7, @barkley_john, and their new website is You can also find a few songs on their YouTube under Tyler Hatley

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