‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 15 – RECAP


Nashville returned on Wednesday night after a 3 week hiatus, to an episode both exciting and darkly dramatic. Rayna is getting things together with her label and Scarlett’s new music, but Teddy arrives to tell her that Lamar is dead, and slips in a few white lies about how he tried to help but it was too late. They tell the press and begin preparations for a private family funeral (which strangely Juliette is invited to), and Rayna is faced with telling Tandy, who erupts into hysterical sobs, while her sister remains cold and hard-faced, still furious at her father for the lies and betrayal. Deacon is alerted by Maddie, who cries to him down the phone at the news, and he tries to get through to Rayna who acts pissy with him and puts the phone down. He comes over to her house because he’s worried at how she’s bottling things up and she tells them about her father’s involvement in her mother’s death, and despite being blindsided by the revelation Deacon insists that she’s not okay and she needs to process this, which Rayna snaps at. She’s sick of all the lying and doesn’t want to forgive anyone for it. After continuing to be cold-faced at the funeral however, alone in Lamar’s office and pouring some whiskey she freaks out and has a breakdown, throwing things and sobbing hysterically, as Tandy and Teddy watch, part in sadness, part in horror. 

Juliette and Avery have recorded ‘Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet’, and she’s in love with his mix, but is forced to come out of industry hiding when he tells her that a New York Times writer has applauded her performance at the Opry and said she deserves respect. Some Grammy guy wants to meet with Juliette and reinvent her because of the article, moving away from country and trying to convince her to move to LA, plying her with Rolling Stone cover offers, an orchestral recording of her song and the spread of the mix around several major record labels. During an “out-there” photoshoot, however, which Juliette herself is unsure of, Glenn amicably tells her he is quitting as her manager because he doesn’t belong where she’s headed. Distraught, Juliette decides she doesn’t want to go in the direction she’s heading and goes back to Glenn, preferring Avery’s mix of the song and wanting to be the artist she wants to be.

Meanwhile, Deacon’s been told of a last minute booking at some dive bar outside of town, but can’t find a band at such short notice to back him up, so he asks Gunnar, Avery and Zoey (Gunnar is depressingly patronizing towards her at every mention of her doing music) to be his band. When they get there their 10:30 slot has been pushed to midnight because of another last-minute booking, and Deacon wants to leave but the youngsters convince him that they should stay and play that slot. When it comes to performing a big crowd forms and they really enjoy the performance, with the owner of the bar basically begging them to come back. Deacon gets his Thursday night slot back at the Bluebird later on, but when he steps up to perform he asks Avery, Gunnar and Zooey to do a number first. Later, the three decide to form a band.

Unfortunately Scarlett, who has been shut in recording with Liam all this time, goes by to see the performance and she feels weird about Deacon praising the talents of two of her ex-boyfriends and her ex-best friend, while she feels alone. She’s been having a heart to heart with Liam, who also doesn’t really have anyone in his life, and after eating dinner together he tries to kiss her. She freaks out and leaves, but the next day after sleeping in the studio having seen Deacon’s performance and not wanting to see him, Liam finds her and they end up making out, despite the fact they both admit it’s a bad idea. Can’t anyone just be friends on this show? Then the bit that no-one cares about, Teddy is suffering with the guilt of letting Lamar die, and he admits it to Megan, who can’t seem to keep her ass away from his office. She’s clearly falling for him, and has a guilty face when Deacon is all lovey-dovey with her in bed. Oops.

‘Nashville’, episode 16 airs next Wednesday, March 5th, at 10/9c on ABC. Don’t miss it!

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