‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 14 – RECAP


The drama builds as we move towards 2/3rds of the way through season 2 of Nashville.

Juliette and Avery have slept together, and the former is using his place to hide out and ignore the calls and messages from Emily. She wants to lay low, and to Avery’s dismay decides to change all the furniture to something a lot more feminine, while watching his weird artsy movies that she doesn’t understand. In the end Avery tells her to change all the furniture back, and convinces her to come out of her hole, and she turns up to Deacon’s recording at the Bluebird. 

Meanwhile Deacon has asked Avery to record his live album at the Bluebird, but walks in on Megan comforting Teddy in his time of grief and Deacon flips out, yelling at his girlfriend. Megan ultimately hands the case to someone else to save her relationship, and Teddy seems lost without her guidance. Deacon is grumpy before recording, and Avery basically tells him to get his shit together, before Megan comes by and explains she’s not on the case anymore, which cheers her boyfriend up no end, prompting him to sing a heartfelt song to her that I’m sure will be a real selling point for the album. Elsewhere, Scarlett is working some really late nights, but remains bouncy from her increasing dependence on those pills Liam gave her. She appears in Rayna’s music video (more on that later) and has so much life and confidence and energy that people begin to suspect things. She also bounds to the Bluebird and is overly friendly to both Zoey and Juliette, leading them to ask questions.

Rayna is recording the music video for ‘This Time’ (doesn’t she look amazing?!), and Tandy has “flown in” to see how things are going. Of course, it’s not without drama because Lamar is being let out of jail, he’s frail, and Tandy is feeling super awkward about being the one who put him in there and all, so much so that she bails against Rayna’s wishes, and gets a horrible haircut. Rayna catches up with her and confronts her, and Tandy reveals that it was her who helped to prosecute Lamar, and that he also killed their mother. Initially Rayna doesn’t believe her, but after reading all the documents, she then confronts Lamar. He makes it out like an accident that he ran away from, but his daughter isn’t buying it, and also sees that he isn’t denying trying to have Teddy killed as well. She tells him she is keeping the girls away from both him and Tandy from now on. Lamar goes to shout at Teddy, who reveals that Tandy was in fact the star witness, and threatens his ex-father-in-law, who conveniently has another heart attack, potentially dying while Teddy just watches, not really wanting to help.

Will has a more prominent role in this episode, having discovered that Jeff has moved his album release to May 1 to go toe-to-toe with Rayna, he has to pick demos to record, but just isn’t feeling any of them, because he’s trying to be something that he’s not. Gunnar has written him a song about his secret sexuality but he refuses to record it, stating that it isn’t his brand. While in the studio, Brent turns up, and Will awkwardly tells him to get more demos. Gunnar reminds him that everyone can see there’s something going on between them, and so Will calls Jeff down to ask that Brent be moved on, with Jeff agreeing to manage Will himself (that’s not going to go well…). Brent ultimately gets fired, and yells at Will that he’ll regret that decision. We’ll have to see just how right he is… Anyway, Will plays the song Gunnar wrote for him, and it’s emotional and awesome, but he still refuses to record it.

Due to the fact that the writers have finally figured out we don’t care about Zoey, they’ve tried to make her more interesting by giving her a storyline of wanting to be a backing singer. Except, she hasn’t done her research, and doesn’t realize you need a head shot and a demo, plus details of studio and live experience. Duh. You thought you could just go in there and sing and it’d be all magical? Gurl, this is an industry. Anyway, she goes away frustrated and disheartened and jealous of everyone else’s success (why don’t you go out and get those things you need instead?!), but some encouragement from Gunnar means she storms back in with a tape of her singing in Church and seems to think that is enough. In a real world setting, she’d be laughed out of there!

‘Nashville’ episode 15 (of season 2) airs on Wednesday, February 12 at 10/9c on ABC. See you there!

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