Man uses Jason Aldean’s name to scam family of sick child

24619117_BG2Kyle Nunn photo courtesy Wave3

Seriously, what is this world coming to? 

A creep in Kentucky is accused of using Jason Aldean's name to steal $9,000 from the family of a sick little girl as well as a Louisville business who was trying to help. 

The man, 30-year-old Kyle Nunn, is charged with two felony counts of theft by deception after he went to Baxter's 942, a bar and grill in Louisville, and entered into an agreement with the business to plan a benefit concert for little 3-year-old Addie who suffers from Pre-B ALL Leukemia. The business wrote him a $6000 check with the understanding that would go to get Jason Aldean to perform at their place. 

The man then went to the family of the sick child and told them he needed $3000 more to get the concert to happen. The parents then gave him a check from the child's foundation, Addie's Army, with the understanding that Jason Aldean would be performing to help raise money for the little girl. 

Yeah, terrible. 

Police say that Nunn and his stepfather, who one of the checks was made out to, then cashed them and pocketed the cash. 

Nunn was arrested on January 31 because, of course, he was a big fat fraud and Jason Aldean was in no way tied to him. It's not known if Nunn's stepfather was an innocent victim or in on the scam. 

You know what would be awesome? If Jason Aldean got word of this story and decided to play a benefit concert for the little girl. That would make this sad story somewhat happier. I mean seriously, look at Addie. Just look at her. If you would like to donate to the cause, there is an Addie's Army fundraiser going on here

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