Lindsay Ell, ‘Trippin’ On Us’ — Single Review

Lindsay Ell - Trippin' On Us single cover art

Lindsay Ell perfectly melds two worlds together, that of blues and country-rock, on her official debut single "Trippin' On Us." As the lead-in to her forthcoming debut set, projected for a fall release, the singer-songwriter channels her inner Jimi Hendrix into a special brand of female empowerment. Falling somewhere between Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, Ell isn't afraid of taking chances and experimenting within the lines.

Co-written with her good friends Vicky McGeHee and David Fanning, she has "better things to do than cry, cry, no I won't." With sweet inflection, her sass pours through the story, a not-your-typical-love-anthem kind of structure.

A steady beat hinges around a bouncy rhythm and slicing guitar riffs. Her musicianship makes this song, rather than break it to shreds. Add to that a great voice and you have a recipe for a breakout hit. Even though the winter months are dragging ever so slowly, in my head, it's the middle of summer and I'm taking a roadtrip to a southern town. This song was made for rolling down the windows and blasting the radio to 100.

Even if the country-pop sheen of the production isn't your cup of tea, her talent overshadows those minor flaws. Her precision on the guitar solos (including the plucky intro) are admirable, and if this is any indication, her record holds plenty of promise..

Overall Grade: B+ 



Photo credit: Stoney Creek Records

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