Josh Abbott Band singer has marriage meltdown on Twitter

Josh abbott band

Well now this is unfortunate. Tonight I was pointed in the direction of the Josh Abbott Band Twitter account where the lead singer, Josh Abbott, was officially having a marriage meltdown. 

His Twitter confessional (screen capture 123) began at around 3:30 on Friday afternoon and ended about an hour later. 

At some point down the road, I'm going to write a letter to you all that needs to be written…for right now, I have a few things to say: *

I have not been the Christian husband that I needed to be in my marriage. I have destroyed my marriage through multiple problems, including:

problems w/ alcohol abuse, infidelity, and language. Somewhere along the last several years I have lost myself as an accountable human being

The temptations that we as artists and celebrities face are unreal to many of you. But regardless, I have to own up to my mistakes as a man.

I'm 22 days sober and hope that I can continue to control my addictions. I want to be an honorable and godly man and this is the first step

I hope the songs I have written have inspired you and given you feelings because that's why we do what we do. That part is real. What hasn't

been real is the perception that my marriage is perfect & I'm an incredible husband. I'm not. I hope all of you reading this will understand

that the only things that truly matter in life are your relationships w/ family, friends, & God. Be better. Please pray for us in this time

Being a celebrity doesn't give us the right to treat our marriages with disrespect. At some point someone has to say it's not okay!

And please don't send your prayers my way. Send them to @ASouthernHippie and her family. They're the ones crushed by all of this.

Please stop saying you respect me. I'm not someone you should respect. I've cheated on my wife. That's as low as a person can get. Just pray

I didn't post this to get my wife back. I posted because we agreed I need to be accountable to fans who think I was better than I really was

At the time of writing this, Josh's wife hadn't responded to her husband's Twitter confessions and hopefully she won't publicly. There's really not much else to say except this whole thing is very sad and I hope the pair can find some peace and solace somewhere.  

The Josh Abbott Band are currently on tour with The Randy Rogers Band and were scheduled to perform at the Hartman Arena in Wichita, Kansas tonight. It's not clear if the band performed or not. 

UPDATE: Josh's wife did respond at one point. 

Abbott wife tweet

Here's a video for Josh Abbott Band's Oh, Tonight featuring Kacey Musgraves.