Eric Church talks Rascal Flatts and kicking a security guard

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Eric Church made a rare television appearance this morning on CBS’ Sunday Morning. The crew followed him to some shows, up to his mountain-top retreat where he recorded an amazing 121 songs that were eventually whittled down to just 12 for his new album, back to his hometown, and finally onto his bus where his wife joined him. 

At one point, Eric talked about getting into a fight with a security guard at one of his shows. He says the guy was trying to control an unruly fan that Eric didn’t think was actually all that bad. Eric says he ended up going after the guard. When asked if he punched the guy, Eric smirks, “It was more of a kick. Somewhat of a punch, it was however I could get to him.”

He also went smiled when asked about getting kicked off the Rascal Flatts tour. 

“I got fired. We were on the Rascal Flatts tour and it just honestly wasn’t a great fit. I’m not a guy that follows rules great and when some rules were put out there, I broke them. I probably played too long. I played louder than I was supposed to. I went to places on the stage I wasn’t supposed to go.”

When asked how long after the performance did he know there was a problem, Eric answered, “Immediately.”

“Well I kind of knew during, but I thought if you’re gonna go down,” he laughs. 

It’s an interesting history of Eric Church and interview. Check it out below or over on CBS. Eric’s fourth album “The Outsiders” is set for release this Tuesday, February 11.


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    Story correction. According to the CBS piece he wrote (not recorded) 121 songs.

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