Dierks Bentley let cameras follow him around for two years for new documentary

Dierks BentleyYouTube

I'm in love with Dierks Bentley. Not in an I-want-to-have-his-babies sort of way but in a I'm-seriously-in-love-with-all-the-new-music-he's-putting-out-these-days-and-he-makes-me-happy sort of way. 

Whenever I see Dierks on something I just want to hug him, not exactly sure why. 

Actually I do. Just watch the video below and I bet he'll make you smile and want to hug him too. 

According to People.com, Dierks allowed cameras to follow him around for two years, documenting everything from the birth of his son to the death of his father, and somewhere in between he recorded his new album Riser, which hits stores February 25.

"I want this album to sum up who I am as a guy going through these different changes in life," Bentley, 38, says. "You lose your dad, get married and have kids, but you're on the road rocking and acting like you're 13 years old on stage with a guitar in your hand." 

The footage obtained in those two years was used to make an hour-long documentary which will air February 22 on CMT. 

And I'm sure I will watch it and smile the whole damn time. 

If you haven't gotten the chance to yet, you can listen to snippets of all the songs on Riser here. 


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