Cole Swindell isnt just “Chillin It” Anymore


Up and coming country artist Cole Swindell isnt just "Chilln It" anymore. His latest single "You ain't worth the whiskey" is a slightly new twist on what most would call "the typical heart broke country song" In it he is completely apathetic and "so over" what caused said relationship to end. Lyrics like "ill drink to another work week gone" and "those saving our ass over seas". it sounds to me like Cole is saving the whiskey and beer for toasts, celebrations, and relaxing after a long, tedious, work week. Not only does he make honorable mention of our brave men and women over seas serving our country, but he is hell bent on letting go of old memories, deep cuts, and a broken heart. This song is also vastly different from his previous single "Chillin It". The newest single is slower, a little more somber and what might even seem like regrets for "holding on to the past." It is the most humble opinion of this novice blogger that people of all ages can relate too, because we all know how hard letting go is.

-Heather Cheyenne


twitter: @Wicked_In_Spurs


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