Codie Prevost – ‘All Kinds of Crazy’ album review

Codie Prevost

I don't know if you know, but Canada's country music scene is on FIRE these days and Codie Prevost is definitely a burning spark among the flames. Codie is a Multi-Award winner and three time Canadian Country Music Association nominee.  He is currently getting ready for the worldwide release of his FOURTH studio album "All Kinds of Crazy" set to release on March 1st!  Based on his interaction with me and from the other reviews I've read, I'm putting Codie on my list of "Acts I'd Love To See Live".  You're gonna have to wait until March to get the new album but until then here's a little sample review for ya!  

1) I'll Be Your Whiskey

Any track with 'whiskey' in it is a good one.

"I'll be your whiskey

Lay that bottle down and just kiss me"

It's a catchy upbeat song that makes you sway along, with the ties between alcohol and love…where can you go wrong?  The vocals are strong with a female backup singer that chimes along beautifully. It's got the feel of Luke Bryan's 'whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky' with just a tad more innocence.

2) All Kinds of Crazy

Talk about a wanna-quit-your-job and party-all-night-long kinda song.  This is one of those the whole bar will sing along to.  Especially after they've had a few.  In parts of the chorus he reminds me of a young, loose Garth Brooks.  And a hint of Josh Thompson in there as well.  It's a good combo, that's for sure.  

3) Down The Line

LOVE this song.  The message, the lyrics, the rockin' background music and the Dierks Bentley-ish vocals.  It's a song of hoping and waiting and having faith that it'll all work out in the end.  A sign that maybe this love isn't meant to be right now, but maybe, just maybe, somewhere 'down the line'.

4) Say My Name

I want to jam to this song in my Jeep while cruising around with the windows down.  Granted I don't have a Jeep (yet) but maybe someday.  It's a classic hand clapper-foot stomper.  A solid back beat with energetic vocals and a cute country song that's gotta a little rock in it. It sure made me grin. 

5) Melting Into You

Reminiscent of a contemporary country sound, the lyrics paint a picture of young love.  

"I'm a candle burnin' girl it's true, I'm melting into you"

6) Stay Up Late

Uncle Kracker.  It's got a similar sound to his single 'Smile'.  But it's a bit more rockin'.

"I can't wait to go to bed early and stay up late".  I'll let those lyrics speak for themselves..

7) Someday

This is probably my second favorite track.  The sound, the message and the lyrics are all tied together with a beautiful sound that encompasses the whole thing into a positive, uplifting track.  A song of hope and faith and just knowing that someday it'll all be okay.

8) Last Night All Day

Nothin's better than one of those nights that you think about all day the day after.  I'm gonna go ahead and say this is my third favorite track.  It's got a groovy beat with words that keep ya hooked in throughout the song. Go ahead and check out the video for 'Last Night All Day' below!

And as a SPECIAL treat from Codie, here's a free download of 'Someday'!

For more on Codie Prevost visit his website. 

I'm looking forward to Codie's new album and I hope you are, too!  With so many accomplishments already and a growing fan base I'm sure he won't disappoint! Honestly, I think he's pretty kick a**.

Stay Tuned.

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