Blake Shelton is one frustrated Garth Brooks fan

Blake Shelton

Garth Brooks is an iTunes hold out and has talked before about why he won't put his music on the digital download giant. His excuse? He's just looking out for the songwriters who have written his music. 

But having a good reason doesn't mean that everyone's happy about his decision. 

Blake Shelton is one of those frustrated fans and he took to Twitter on Saturday to let his feelings be known. 

Is there anyone else who is still an iTunes hold out? I think Kid Rock used to be but I'm not sure if he is now. 

Speaking of Garth, the first of his comeback shows taking place in Ireland this summer sold out 240,000 tickets in just 90 minutes and police had to be called to keep the disappointed fans who weren't able to get tickets in check. 

Garth will perform in Croke Park in Dublin on July 25 and 26. 

Fans can also catch Garth and Blake both this week when they return to The Tonight Show to help Jay Leno say goodbye to the show he's hosted for two decades.