Joe Nichols & Friends Concert Review


On Feb 21, 2014 The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland was completely jam packed with country music fans. With a line up such as Craig Campbell, Thompson Square, Chase Rice, Eric Paslay & Joe Nichols, no wonder it was a sold out show.

This wasn't your typical concert, this was for charity and proceeds were benefiting the American Heart Association. Also, they all performed on stage together and took turns at their acoustic version of past and current singles.


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 15 – RECAP

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Nashville returned on Wednesday night after a 3 week hiatus, to an episode both exciting and darkly dramatic. Rayna is getting things together with her label and Scarlett’s new music, but Teddy arrives to tell her that Lamar is dead, and slips in a few white lies about how he tried to help but it was too late. They tell the press and begin preparations for a private family funeral (which strangely Juliette is invited to), and Rayna is faced with telling Tandy, who erupts into hysterical sobs, while her sister remains cold and hard-faced, still furious at her father for the lies and betrayal. Deacon is alerted by Maddie, who cries to him down the phone at the news, and he tries to get through to Rayna who acts pissy with him and puts the phone down. He comes over to her house because he’s worried at how she’s bottling things up and she tells them about her father’s involvement in her mother’s death, and despite being blindsided by the revelation Deacon insists that she’s not okay and she needs to process this, which Rayna snaps at. She’s sick of all the lying and doesn’t want to forgive anyone for it. After continuing to be cold-faced at the funeral however, alone in Lamar’s office and pouring some whiskey she freaks out and has a breakdown, throwing things and sobbing hysterically, as Tandy and Teddy watch, part in sadness, part in horror. 


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