Justin Moore is technically ineligible for ACM New Artist of the year

Justin Moore

Justin Moore, an artist on Borchetta's Big Machine Records, seems like a really great guy who for one reason or another, despite a catalog of awesome songs, has been largely ignored by awards show. He even complained last year about being left out of the shows and not knowing why

Well here's a thought, maybe if the awards shows stopped thinking of him as a new artist and started putting him in the correct categories, maybe he'd have a better experience. 

Case in point, Broadway recently spoke with fellow music blogger, Windmills Country, and she revealed that she had recently done a little digging and found that Justin isn't eligible for a New Artist of the Year ACM because, by their own criteria, he's sold too many albums. 

You know, because he's not a new damn artist. 


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Miranda Lambert, ‘Automatic’ – Single Review

Miranda Lambert - Automatic Single Cover Art

Miranda Lambert is never one to follow trends. She goes against the grain, setting her own pace and carving out her own path. Such is the way with her brand new single "Automatic," the lead-in to her forthcoming fifth studio album. Autobiographical in nature, the midtempo entry is a fond glance "back before everything become automatic" and samples sounds from her previous work.

In the midst of ever-advancing techonology and social media, this track might find many millennials (like myself) reminscing about the good old days before computers, email and texting. Her approach could come off a little stilted, but if you examine the lyrics a bit, she's simply comenting on the state of our world and bringing that into a new generation.


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Trace Adkins’ father’s obituary


Trace Adkins' father unfortunately passed away recently after an undisclosed illness. As I've done in the past, I went looking for the obituary so that fans may get to know something about this person who meant so much to their favorite artist. I've had to write several obituaries in the past myself and I'm always fascinated by how they are handled by other people. 


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Nashville, Season 2, Episode 13 – RECAP


Rayna and Luke have gone public with their relationship, and Luke is really bonding with Maddie and Daphne, especially Daphne, who is enjoying the father figure with a lack of Teddy in the picture. Luke has casually bought Rayna a freaking NASCAR ad on the actual car and invited her to perform her new single and announce her album drop date at a private sponsor showcase he’s playing. Rayna spies Sam Boone, who is basically Mr. Walmart, and decides to woo him for shelf space, offering to show him round the Opry etc. It’s all going well until he tells her that shelf space is decided over a year in advance so she won’t be able to get any. However, growing public outcry against Juliette means Sam decides to stop stocking her albums and he tells Rayna her albums can replace them; one withering look from Maddie and she declines, not wanting to do business the Edge Hill way (girl there’s this thing called iTunes, you’ll be fine). It’s clear also that Luke is pro-Rayna despite being signed to Edge Hill and Jeff is furious, attempting to block off her release with those from Edge Hill.


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