Scotty McCreery is the Goodwill Ambassador for the 12.14 Foundation in Newtown, CT

Scotty McCreery 1214 foundationFacebook 

On Monday, it was revealed that Scotty McCreery had joined the 12.14 Foundation as their Goodwill Ambassador. 

The 12.14 Foundation uses arts as a healing mechanism in the wake of the horrific shooting tragedy which occurred in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012.


As the foundation's first "National Goodwill Ambassador.” McCreery will play an active role in promoting the foundation’s arts programming, supporting its fundraising efforts, and building awareness for the organization’s plans to build a world-class performing arts and education center in Newtown. McCreery, who visited with families and school children in Newtown on December 12, 2013, just two days before the first anniversary of the tragedy, is internationally recognized as the winner of Season 10 of American Idol and who has since become one of the top new artists on the country music landscape. 


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Dierks Bentley let cameras follow him around for two years for new documentary

Dierks BentleyYouTube

I'm in love with Dierks Bentley. Not in an I-want-to-have-his-babies sort of way but in a I'm-seriously-in-love-with-all-the-new-music-he's-putting-out-these-days-and-he-makes-me-happy sort of way. 

Whenever I see Dierks on something I just want to hug him, not exactly sure why. 

Actually I do. Just watch the video below and I bet he'll make you smile and want to hug him too. 


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Rascal Flatts calls Eric Church disrespectful in new interview

Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts recently joined Broadway in the studio and after talking about the obligatory talking points such as their recent plane trouble (FYI, they now call their plane Sticky Flap) and their upcoming album "Rewind"(out June 3) that they are still currently working on, the boys got into the juicier stuff such as when Eric Church got kicked off their tour. The subject came up because of Taylor Swift mentioning it recently

After Broadway asked them if Eric being asked to leave the tour had to do with unions and fines and things like that, they agreed that that was all it was. They then went into the story a bit more. 


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