Zac Brown and Eric Church are spear-fishing buddies

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It's always funny to me when I hear of famous people who aren't romantically involved vacationing together, even though it seems to be a pretty common occurrence. 

The latest surprise vacation partners are Zac Brown and Eric Church. 

Eric recently co-hosted the Country Countdown USA radio program and revealed that when Zac and him vacationed together recently, the Chicken Fried singer got Eric into an interesting past time … spear fishing. 

“He came carrying these spear guns to our beach house, and I got hooked on it," Eric said while co-hosting.

Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton later asked Zac about spear-fishing with Eric.

“Eric shot a big sting ray one of the days we went. I went through the whole thing, cleaned it, fileted it, cooked it, and ate it. Some of the sting rays were four or five feet long. It drug him through the water. He said it almost drowned him. But he & I are going to go to some places that are set up for spear-fishing, because it may be my favorite activity that I’ve ever done. It is so much fun. If you like to hunt and you like to fish, this is both. It is a lot of fun, and there’s definitely some more to come.”

You can hear Zac telling the fishing story over on Country Countdown USA

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