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Well, that's the rumor on the street. According to a review from the Examiner, Tyler Farr had a hard time amping the crowd. Of course to be fair, did you see who he is teamed up with?!  In a crowd of 17,000 in St. Paul, Minnesota the Night Train tour blew into town and caused quite the stir. Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly could quite possibly be the hottest thing in country music. They're dominating the charts, they're a household name, they're collaborating with the best, they're owning award shows…. they're on FIRE. So, with all that hype it's nice to hear that the FGL show goes above and beyond to their fans. Apparently the whole place was in a trance over the high energy performance. The 'Cruise' duo pulled out all the stops and left some mighty big shoes to fill for Jason Aldean. Mr. Aldean didn't lack in the special effects, even bringing out a Hologram (that's some futuristic stuff right there!) of Kelly Clarkson for their hit, 'Don't You Wanna Stay.'  However, there are conflicting reports on if even Jason, the headliner himself, was upstagged by Florida Georgia Line's intense show.

I wouldn't know, but I would think it's safe to assume opening up for those two acts in front of numbers like that could be intimidating so I wouldn't be too hard on ol' Tyler Farr. Besides…Jason is known for having only the best open up for him, so I'd say it's a good indication that once Tyler gets some big shows under his belt…he will be a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to those stadium shows, the crowd(especially when FGL is involved) expects long lasting energetic performances and it just isn't fair to put a Quarter Horse in a race with Thoroughbreds.

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  1. valerps@Yahoo.com'
    Valerie E.

    Saw them Saturday night the 18th in Moline Ill. I never once thought that about Tyler Farr. I thought he was great considering he’s the new kid. FGL rocked it!!!! JA was great but he won’t be getting entertainer of the year anytime soon imo.Great show well worth the money! !!

  2. gloriasmith250@yahoo.com'

    I can see what you mean! Jason is not a very letting loose kind of guy…I’m talking music…not his personal life! 😉 He’s too reserved and stiff. I think he sounds good on the radio, but if you don’t perform that well live, then that’s not good. I know a lot of people might not agree with me, but the best live country performer to me is Keith Urban! To me he sets the place on fire entertaining and he proves he loves his fans! His shows stay on my mind for weeks! He has oodles of charisma and a beautiful voice too!

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