Trace Adkins enjoys a little retail therapy

Trace guitar shop


Well hello there, big boy. 

Trace Adkins made his first public outing (or at least the first photographed one) since entering rehab earlier this month and man is he looking good. 

Trace ventured out of the Palm Beach area rehab center and headed straight for a guitar shop where he purchased a $1000 guitar to, as TMZ put it, "write music as part of his treatment."

Or maybe he's wanting to write music as part of his, you know, career.

Either way, the guitar shop, Chafin Musicenter, was pretty happy to see the celebrity, posting the above photo to Facebook on Saturday with the caption: Country Superstar Trace Adkins just hanging out with our fabulous Ben Skinner! 

The fabulous Ben Skinner even had the chance to give a rundown of what went on during Trace's retail therapy session, telling the gossip site: “Trace was very professional, very focused. He knew what he wanted. He had no questions. He tried out four or five of the guitars, picked the one, paid and left.”

There's no word on how long Trace will be rehab, but we have found out that he will be giving cruising another shot later this year when he takes part in Carnival Cruise's new concert series