So, where is the new Tim McGraw single?


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So, where exactly is the new Tim McGraw single, Lookin' For That Girl?

Well, it was slated to be on iTunes the 21st of January to purchase, but here it is the 22nd and it's MIA. Slightly interesting considering there was a considerable amount of hype involved with the single. Which is a good segway for how I feel about the song. Ready? Here we go….

 Okay either I am off my rocker or Tim McGraw's new song takes the cake for being one of the most ridiculous things to ever to hit your ears. Seriously, what do you even call that? McGenre? Because it surely doesn't fit into country music. Well, I take that back. He added just enough references to bars, fields of corn and honey combs to justify being played on your favorite country stations. Maybe I am being a little harsh about it considering there are some respectable sources claiming their approval of the song, but auto-tune? SERIOUSLY?! C'mon Tim, you seriously helped me through my youth with timeless classics like 'Don't Take The Girl', 'Live Like You Were Dying', 'I Like It, I Love It' and the list literally goes on and on. I know it's being labeled as innovative and the future, but if that's the future then I don't know what to think. Tim has quite bluntly been the leader of taking the next step with his music. He was the first one to cause a stir with his collaboration in 'Over and Over' with the rapper Nelly. And I will admit that finally grew on me. But it was still Tim's natural, beautiful voice on the track. I encourage you to take a listen to Lookin' For That Girl and forge your own opinion. You might just love it to pieces and put it on your iPod playlist. Right next to Jay Z and T Pain.

To hear the song, visit Entertainment Weekly's story about it here.

Tim has some big plans for 2014 though and per usual, I am very excited to hear how the year will unfold for him. He's definitely got staying power and I've got nothing but respect for him for that!

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