Tim McGraw, ‘Lookin’ For That Girl’ — Single Review

Tim McGraw - Lookin' For That Girl Album Cover art

Just when you thought it was safe to leave your house, Bro-Country grabs you by the throat and douses you with blue-jean babies and sugar crystals. Tim McGraw, who has released such stellar work as "Don't Take The Girl" and "Grown Men Don't Cry," is (again) the latest offender. Ahead of his forthcoming album, the hat-wearer has dropped his new single, "Lookin' For That Girl" — on the title alone, one might make rash judgements about its direction…and you're probably right.

Gone are the days of stories and organic melodies. Instead, we must face the music. Pop-country rarely has depth these days, and more devastatingly, if the Powers-That-Be have their way, it'll completely vanish from the mainstream.

"Lookin' For That Girl" is about offensive (albeit cookie-cutter) to the female species as "Cruise" (by Florida Georgia Line) and "That's My Kind Of Night" (by Luke Bryan) were in 2013. It's a new year, but it's the same old tired form. At this point, Tim is offering up nothing new that we haven't heard a million times before, and pulled off far more convincingly. "Body like honeycomb, smile like a country song," Tim cooes. "Baby, climb on in."

If you breakdown the musical composition itself, there is very little that connects the song to country music. A lone steel guitar plucks sheepishly in the background, almost as an afterthought to the autone dribble that permeates every inch of Tim's voice. As a vocalist, he's one of the best males out there, so why does he need to degrade himself? Well, it's all about money. His Big Machine label, often heralded as tastemakers in the industry, obviously predicts that this hip-hop trend will continue in 2014, much to the chagrin of traditionalists everywhere. Cue pop remix in 3, 2, 1…

On a scale of F for "Truck Yeah" to A for "Chattahoochee" (by Alan Jackson and moderately tolerable), this is a slam dunk for "I can't even."

If, however, you prefer your country music to be finger-tip accessible and easily consumed, this song might be for you. And, what do I know? Music is all subjective, right?

Take a listen to the new single, which hits iTunes Jan. 21, over at Entertainment Weekly.

Grade: F-


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