The new face of country radio wears a studded belt and black nail polish

DJ Sinister

If you thought country music was becoming way too hip hop infused before, wait until you meet DJ Sinister. He's a new breed of country DJ and he's coming for your radio airwaves. 

Hold me … I'm scared. 

Now I'm not one to judge a book by its cover for the most part, but I have a feeling I may need to enlist my teen daughter and her understanding and acceptance of men who wear black nail polish with lipstick to match to navigate my way through this new phase of country music. 

Yeah, I bet the guy over at Saving Country Music is gonna have a field day with this. 

All joking aside, curiosity is going to end up getting the best of me and I imagine I'll be searching out DJ Sinister's show on the internet just to see what it is he's offering and how different it really is. What can I say? I guess in the end nosy will always win out over apprehension and fear when it comes to me. 

If you're curious too, you can read the full story of DJ Sinister and his foray into country radio after the jump. 

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Nashville’s latest originator, DJ Sinister, is serving up “Country Fried Mix,” a playlist of country hits back to back in a mashed up, remixed and bass beat that has made its debut on Chicago’s US99 radio station this month.  Numerous other stations are quickly signing on for the syndicated format developed by music producer Charlie Pennachio.  Please visit for more details.
DJ Sinister is at the helm of the hottest new syndicating programming sweeping country radio as the mix master of “Country Fried Mix.”  The newly created syndication company is providing radio stations an alternative music mix, the brainchild of producer Charlie Pennachio, who is a veteran of the music industry having been a member of an international top-selling group, a producer and manager.  “I have always known Sinister to have a great ear for creating infectious and smart music.  Since the launch of the mix programming, generated right in the heart of Music Row,debuting on Chicago’s US99 our conviction in this movement has been solidified.” 
DJ Sinister is no stranger to the spotlight.  The Cape Coral, Florida native founded the internationally recognized rock band Twisted Method, toured as part of OzzFest, became a reality TV star and is currently touring with Big & Rich.  DJ Sinister is working on his forthcoming release for which he has composed all of the rhythm tracks and played every instrument.  Sinister says, “Every note is composed from scratch and when people listen to it they will appreciate every nuance of work I put into it.”
The two-man team has a strong pulse on the country music market.  The music mixes are unique and infectious to the listener.  Sinister is in high demand for national touring acts, special events, awards shows and more. 
The learn more about the craze that is sweeping the country and its airwaves, please visit, to see how you can add DJ Sinister to your programming or to find out where you can catch the high-energy performance art that is DJ Sinister.