The latest Blake Shelton rumor may not be true but I sure wish it was

Blake SheltonFPA Agency

Blake Shelton has been plagued by all kinds of rumors lately with a huge portion of them coming straight from the National Enquirer. 

This new story, however, has me wishing the rumor was true for once. 

According to the newest story from the rag mag, Blake is hoping to cash in on his infamous Twitter habit by writing a hilarious book featuring his often drunken and inappropriately funny tweets. 

“Blake’s compiling his funniest alcohol-related Tweets and he’s going to add in other humorous tales about his drunken adven­tures,” revealed a close source.

“Blake has always wanted to branch out from singing, which is why he took the coaching gig on ‘The Voice.’

“Now, he thinks he’s got a sure-fire, best-selling book on his hands. After that, he says he wants to make his mark on the big screen, preferably comedies – with some booze-fueled humor.”

Unfortunately, the rumor apparently isn't true (as usual). While Blake hasn't addressed the rumor like he has with so many others, Gossip Cop has. 

“Not true,” a source close to Shelton tells Gossip Cop of the rumor. 

Ugh. Spoil sports. I for one would welcome a Blake Shelton drunken tweet book. It would definitely be a riot. 

Oh well, I guess we'll just have to make due with the other Shelton who has already released a book

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