Taylor Swift’s fan mail snafu gets the Taiwanese Animators treatment


Now how in the world did I miss this little gem?

You may have never heard of the Taiwanese Animators, but I bet you've seen their work. 

They are the company that puts out YouTube videos that animate the big news of the day. They probably became most famous for their Tiger Woods animation that hit the web back when the golfer was at the height of his life falling apart, but they've put out lots of videos since then. 

So on to Taylor Swift. Last year there was that story where someone discovered hundreds of unopened fan letters to Taylor Swift in a dumpster behind a strip mall. After the local news got involved, it was found that the letters were addressed to a P.O. Box and that someone from Taylor's management occasionally came by to pick the mail up. 

How the glitter and love infused letters ended up in the dumpster was still a mystery, even after all of the news crew's digging, although someone from Taylor's camp promised to come and pick them up.  

Today I was digging around the Taiwanese Animators' YouTube channel and came across this video they did for the fan mail snafu. It's cheesy but funny, like most of their videos.