Taylor Swift doesn’t mind being called perfect…


So, as we all know Taylor Swift's celebrity BFF of the hour(or flavor of the week as I like to call them) is Lorde. For those country fans who don't know who Lorde is, well she was the goth looking girl that looked like she may have been possessed while performing that mega huge hit of hers, 'Royals" Okay so moving right along, Lorde had made a comment a while back about Taylor being so flawless that it was giving girls the wrong idea because it was unattainable. Then next thing you know they were extra chummy at Taylor's 24 birthday party. That doesn't seem to add up? In fact, it's strange. As strange as Lorde's choreography.

So how these two managed to connect is even more strange. You see, Taylor supposedly sent Lorde some flowers to congratulate her for going # 1(ironically knocking off Miley Cyrus from the top spot) and was unaware of the diss and by the time she became aware of it, her and Lorde were busy smelling roses together and Taylor let it slide. When the 'Red' star heard what the New Zealander had said, she took it in her stride and was flattered about the backhanded compliment. Lorde explained: ''She was like, 'It's fine. If all you've done is call someone perfect, it's not that bad.' ''

Hmmm. Now I've never ever ever ever like ever(couldn't resist) had someone call me flawless so I guess I can't relate, but I sure wouldn't be so cool about it. Although Taylor strikes me as the type of girl that has to have control of her life and knew exactly what she was doing to win over Lorde's friendship….oh well, maybe a collaboration will come of it?!

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  1. gloriasmith250@yahoo.com'

    Can’t decide whose performance between these two was the weirdest, Taylor’s over the top head banging or Lorde’s spastic movements and spooky looks!
    Kids this day and time don’t have much to look up to in artist.

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