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So there I was minding my own business on twitter one day when Justin Timberlake posts an almost interesting tweet:


My initial reaction was well yeah that makes two of us, but then I deciced to investigate this a lil bit further. Who was this guy that was brave enough to take a Justin Timberlake song and turn it country? I mean, we know his name, but really who was he? He obviously oozed talent. Like real deal, talent, too. Not that manufactured stuff they sell in stores. No, his talent is genuine. He took a popular pop song and made it undeniable country. He literally did what I woulda' deemed the impossible…he made the song his own. And a fair warning to all the ladies out there…the way he sings the line "I just can't forget the way we turned out this bed" will make your heart skip a beat. Wanna know more? Find out after the JUMP

David comes from a performing background. His parents were part of a 50's/60's accapella group and on weekends he would join them…as an Elvis impersonator. Which is pretty awesome. He also was performing at 3 years of age in front of thousands. So far, the story sounds pretty relatable. But David's story actually changes pace. As he moved to Nashville to pursue a career as an artist, he was given the opportunity to become a producer when he teamed up to to form New Voice Entertainment. And it's thanks to that move that country music has songs like Thompson Square's hit 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?' and most recently Parmalee's 'Carolina'.  Oh and not just songs but their whole records. And another informative tid bit? He co-wrote Parmalee's 'Musta Had A Good Time' and  Lindsey Ell 's new single. So, let's get this straight..he's a producer, a writer and a singer?! That puts him on the same level as Ryan Tedder. Let this sink in for a second: country music has its own Ryan Tedder. Pretty cool.  So it appears David has been behind the scenes making hits happen for all of us to enjoy. We have heard him through other people, but now it was time to hear him.

How does a popular song from one of the world's most well known superstars get a country make over? Well this is how: Storme Warren called up David and said he has someone coming in the studio on Friday(this was Tuesday morning) and said you're the only that can pull this off and wanted to know if he would do a country version of 'Drink You Away'. He just wanted to show Justin what it could sound like with a country spin. David went in the studio and cut the track Tuesday night, went out of town Wednesday, went back in Thursday night and sang the song and background vocals. Then he and Jim Cooley stayed up all night and mixed it. The next day the song was on the radio. And here we are! So I had to know since it all happened so fast, what his coolest fan experience was and without missing a beat he said all of them. Waking up and checking social media and seeing the response and it's so cool to see anyone say they like what he does personally and seeing people cover his versions on Youtube. Yeah, I'd have to agree! Pretty humble outlook. This outlook was a huge indication of the real person he is. Since he is a performer first and foremost, he devotes some time to high schools performing to help with fundraisers, etc. And something else that was really special was his latest involvement at St. Jude. He was extremely inspired by what those kids go through and said he will now forever be involved in anyway he can:


"Just met these two rockstars at St Jude…#strong #StJude"

And at the request of some of his fans, here are some fun questions!

His musical crush: His family and Elvis. Right now Lorde, Skylar Grey, One Republic and on the country side of things Jason Aldean.

Last song purchased: Say Something and Drink You Away

Favorite Place to eat in Nashville: The Farm House

Since it has been a rather whirlwind experience, David is now currently work on a full album and we can hopefully look forward to that sometime this year. And he credits his production experience for helping him grow as an artist so I am sure his debut album is going to make waves! Now is the time to get in on the ground floor.

In the meantime, go get your 'Drink You Away' on:


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