So, Blake finally answers this burning question…


Blake's best attribute, outside of his smooth vocals and wittiness of course, would hands down have to be those wavy locks of his. And just how does he keep his hair lookin' picture perfect? Well, it's not Pantene Pro V. When asked by CMT what kind of shampoo he uses, Blake's response:

“You know, I am raising chickens now, and I have started going out to the barn, or when I am out on the road, I will go buy some eggs, and I use an egg mixture with ketchup, believe it or not. I will soak my hair in that once a week for about an hour. Other than that I just wash it in regular shampoo.”

CMT's next question, “what are your biggest pet peeves?

Blake’s response:

“Questions about my hair!”

Considering ketchup and eggs definitely sound more like breakfast items rather than the secret to hair success, I was convinced Blake was  “BS’n” us about the shampoo, but after some research, it turns out:  Ketchup has some other great alternative uses.  You're welcome.

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