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It's kind of like watching a movie where you wait the whole movie for two people to kiss and then finally at the very end they do, but then they cue the credits and music and you're left with one lingering question: What happened next?! Well, for those of you that remember 4 years(Yes, it's really already been 4 years) ago Jake Owen hosted the "Sing It Like Jake" contest, where he would pick one lucky winner to take on stage and sing with him in front of his home town. Yeah, well the lucky winner was Ty Bates. I felt compelled by his story because for so many up and coming artists, they are constantly looking for outlets to get that big break, but it's what happens next that is the testimony to the artists that are willing to continue to work towards their dreams. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ty before his show opening up for Dustin Lynch on the legendary stage at Whiskey Wild (where I soon learned, the owner Chad and his crew know how to put on one massive show!) and discuss how his life has changed after being up on stage with Jake Owens.

I showed up and Ty was fixing his guitar strings in preparation for the show. Upon introduction, there was one thing very evident about him. This man was passionate about music. I dig that.

He credits his move to Nashville first and foremost for being the most inspirational influence. Nashville first and foremost for being the most inspirational influence. When asked what was the highlight of his career thus far, he responded "Being able to write and make music for a living." That is the ultimate goal and genuinely so few reach that. Ty already has some great songs to his name. Songs like the upbeat and catchy "Dusk Til Dawn" or "Firefly". One of my favorites was a song called "Riverbank."

So my next question was how did being the winner of a contest that put you in front of thousands of people help you. "It definitely helped get our name out there and bring in new fans." Life after that consists of what one would hope for. Ty and his band are in the studio recording new songs like "Tongue Tied" and "Back In These Hills." Preparing to shoot videos and of course there is touring. Two upcoming shows he was excited about were 2014 River Ruckus show where he is opening for Chris Cagle AND a headlining  show in Lincoln, IL on March 22nd, 2014 at the Lincoln Banquet Center. He has been doing a lot of shows around the midwest where he was quick to acknowledge how amazing the fans in area are. Which, let's face it. It's true.

Something else that stuck out to me was Ty's involvement in Bright Star. A non profit that combines music and charity. They have some very passionate causes and it's really nice to see artists give back. Now was time for a very a serious question. Who was his pick for the Superbowl. Things were going well up to this point but Ty is Team Broncos and I just think the Niners are going to take the whole thing. He did however redeem himself by saying Ashley Monroe was his musical crush. At least he has good taste. So the only thing left now was to see this guy in action. He was opening up for Dustin Lynch after all. Let me just tell you…short, sweet and to the point. Ty Bates delivers. And a side note: His version of Tom Petty's Free Fallin' has made me a fan for life. Definitely worth a trip to see him! Wishing him the best of luck with his blooming career!

And he was cool enough to take a selfie with me.

For more information on Ty Bates and his music visit www.TyBates.com

*Special thank you to Whiskey Wild Saloon. This is the home to country music in Mid Missouri. Check out who they bring to town at www.WhiskeyWildCoMo.com

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