Shania Twain thinking about writing a vegetarian cookbook

Shania Twain in the kitchenABC – Screen capture from video of Shania cooking up her tofu scramble

Shania Twain is a vegetarian, but unlike some hardcore plant eaters, she doesn't like to preach about it. 

“It’s a personal thing. I would never preach vegetarianism,” Shania tells the Vegas Review in a recent interview. “It’s such a personal choice. It’s got to suit you, and be right for you: emotionally, spiritually and physically."

Although Shania won't preach vegetarianism to others, that doesn't mean she won't talk up some of her recipes. 

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“I put on a feast at Christmastime. My gravy is really a tasty, savory gravy. I use a morel mushroom rue and a nutritional yeast base for the gravy, and it is so delicious.

“It tastes like a turkey gravy, basically, but it has no animal, and it’s really yummy. Everybody loves my brown gravy at Christmas.”

In fact, she says that she's even thought about putting out a cookbook. 

“I think I’m going to do a cookbook to help people. I’ve eaten a lot of other people’s vegetarian food, and it takes a lot of hours in the kitchen getting it right. I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting, getting it to where it would satisfy a meat eater.”

I'm sure if it was Shania doing the cooking most meat eaters would probably gladly give up eating things with faces, at least for a little while. 

If you would like to try one of Shania's favorite recipes, the Examiner has one for tofu scramble you can give a whirl. 

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