Sara Evans isn’t happy with the Alabama school system

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This week has been a bad one for pretty much everyone towards the Eastern side of the US what with Atlanta looking like a scene out of the Walking Dead and Polar Vortex 2.0.

After many people, including young children, got stranded in schools, on highways, and in stores for hours and hours this week due to snow and ice, Sara Evans had a few choice words for those in charge of snow days at the schools. 

Sara, who currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her family, is angry that schools put kids in danger by making them brave the weather to go to school. 

Sara tells ABC News Radio (via Country Weekly), “My complaint is we should have never gone to school.” 

“We should have never gone to work. We all should have just stayed home,” she said. “I cannot imagine being trapped in my car that long.”

Considering they don't usually get much snow, Alabama wasn't prepared, another reason for everyone to just have stayed home.

"There’s nothing in Birmingham. We don’t have that equipment, and so of course we're going to slide all over the place.”

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Sara was in Nashville at the time everything went down, but says that her son was able to make it home but that her stepkids were stuck in school until that evening. 

I tell you, we had an ice storm this week in my part of Idaho and I was angry that the schools didn't shut down because the roads were so, so dangerous. I definitely see where Sara is coming from. Kids' safety should always take a priority over school. 

Were any of you affected by this week's crazy weather? 


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    Smokey Pocahontas

    I live in Birmingham. Sara is entitled to her opinion, but the fact remains Mother Nature outfoxed us all. Forecasters only called for a light dusting here and that, under normal circumstances would not have been a problem. Sometimes sh*t happens and you have to roll with it.

  2. Shannon

    I’ve heard what happened was pretty much a complete surprise and so am with you on your opinion. I just had to comment and say I love the “Smokey Pocahontas” that you used as your name. That made me smile for some reason.

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